Aptoide Installer Software

Aptoide Installer Software

Application that provides access to news and installation of Aptoide.
Aptoide client is an open source Android application alternative to Google Market that allows one to install software. The installed software comes from multiple sources called “repositories”.
Aptoide is compliant with Apktor, Blapk Market and other Aptoide-derivatives. Unlike Applanet and aFreeware, the Aptoide repositories has almost no downtime and it can be browsed offline.

Recent changes:
– Icon fetching process options(bandwidth saving):
+ Always fetch icons (3G and WiFi)
+ Fetch only if connected by wireless
+ Never fetch icons
– Screenshots shown when available


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AppManager ProMax Software

AppManager ProMax Software

Ever desired reinstall all your programs quickly and easily, for example, after updating the ROM on your Android device? “AppManager ProMax” helps you in this task and it is very more.

* Show installated application.
* Open, Details, Uninstall, Backup, Market.
* Restore application.
* Restore application’s data (only rooted).
* Uninstall system’s applications.
* Restore all with a click (only rooted).


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AppInstaller Software

AppInstaller Software

AppInstaller allows you to install applications(.apk) from your external storage (e.g. SD card).
You can also uninstall application or backup application to external storage(NOT app2sd) by this tool.

Note: Ad Supported. (Ad free version is available! Please search “AppInstaller AdFree”.)

Download AppInstaller Software

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App Locker Black Screen Software

App Locker   Black Screen Software

Don’t like boring PIN/password locked, let’s try this app to fake a black screen when someone attempts to open the application. This makes they feel something goes wrong with the phone and don’t try to reopen.

When open an locked application, it is shown a black screen, as the phone is bricked, touch on the top, right corner N times to open (default is 2).

Other features:
– Select a default method, customize for each application.
– Flexible unlock by defining a validity period and unlocking option.
– Auto-close after failed to enter code several times (configurable)
– One-click code recovery by email

This is the simplified version of Advanced App Locker.

Download App Locker Black Screen Software

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App Lock App Protector Software

App Lock   App Protector Software

++++App Protector: AppLock is one of the best among similar application lock apps, simple and intuitive UI, tons of features, smallest app size, least battery usage, best performance++++

==You can turn off the notification icon in AppLock’s setting menu, make sure you read the warning message first==

An essential app for every android user. Password protect any personal data on your phone.

AppLock lets you protect any applications you want with a passcode: SMS, Email, Pictures, Calendar…any apps you choose

This is similar to apps like Smart App Protector, App Protect, lock safe, applocker, image vault, photo lock, norton anti-virus, Privacy lock, App Security, zDBox etc, etc. Except that it’s ABSOLUTELY FREE (ad supported).

This is the top App Protection app on the android market, with millions of users. It includes advanced features such as lock delay, location exclusion, app search, better UIs and different customization options.


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App 2 SD Software

App 2 SD Software

Do you want extra space on your phone for more apps? Look no farther here you can copy your apps to your sd card to free up space for more apps on your phone

Download App 2 SD Software

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App 2 SD(App To SD Card) Software

App 2 SD(App To SD Card) Software

List all apps that can be moved to SD Card.
Help you to save your memory(internal phone storage).

1. Show apps on SD Card
2. Show apps on Phone.
3. Move applications from phone to SD Card.
4. Move applications from SD Card to phone.
5. Show available memory and total memory.
6. Open/Uninstall apps.
1.Sort by name
2.Sort by size
3.Show icon on notification bar when a new app has been installed

Download App 2 SD(App To SD Card) Software

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