Unveiling the Charm and Culture Around New Standard Grand Haven

Home to New Standard Grand Haven, our striking city thrives on more than just being a recognized marijuana dispensary. Our community brims with character, heritage, and connectedness that complements the services that not many know of.

Nestled on the eastern shores of Lake Michigan, Grand Haven, MI, is synonymous with a lively, scenic, and bustling coastline, served fresh with vibrant water sport activities and photo-worthy sunsets. It metamorphoses as an intimate lake-town summer destination to a quiet winter hideaway swept with powdery snow.

Aside from the lake’s charm, downtown Grand Haven boasts an array of shops, eateries, a refurbished historic theater, and the quaint and lively Grand Haven City Market. It’s a joyful blend of history and modernity, natural beauty and urban charm.

Though we are primarily acknowledged as a weed store in Grand Haven, MI, our quilt of vibrant businesses is hewn by unseen threads of cannabis culture. Our mission transcends being just a cannabis delivery service; we also serve as a point of education and engagement for both cannabis connoisseurs and neophytes.

At New Standard Grand Haven, we thrive to act not only as a conduit for quality cannabis products but also to harmonize our dispensary with the city’s vibrant tapestry. We envisage ourselves as a piece of this bigger picture- a picture that tells the story of a spirited city rising above and beyond to establish new standards.

Come, immerse yourself in our culture and weave yourself into the fabric of our beautiful city, rich with history, brimming with quality, and a fresh perspective. Welcome to Grand Haven – the home of New Standard.